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Broadband hope for Throsk in Scotland
Wednesday 24 January 2007 15:43:07 by Andrew Ferguson

Back in December 2006 there was the news that the Scottish Executive was to invest £5 million in getting broadband to the remaining black-spots in Scotland. Over at is some details on one of the areas that may benefit from this money.

As this map on shows Throsk itself is only about 7km to the east of Stirling, but lacks its own telephone exchange with the nearest ones actually being in Bannockburn and Stirling. The end result of this is that due to the physical limits of ADSL which see the chances of even a 0.5Mbps ADSL decrease rapidly once a telephone line is over about 7km long, residents and businesses may well not have access to broadband in the form of ADSL.


Posted by herdwick over 10 years ago
Should go down well in the English shires where people are in the same boat with no hope of a remedy yet paying taxes to subsidise the Scots.
Posted by jimwillsher over 10 years ago
Whether it goes down well or not is academic, and so is any notion of taxes. If it brings broadband to a community which is unable to currently get it, what's the problem?

I don't live in Throsk but I know one of the BT engineers who deals with Throsk, and he says it's a total nightmare.

Bringing broadband to communities can only be a good thing.
Posted by stephen_f2s over 10 years ago
As an aforementioned English shire-dwelling taxpayer, I'm happy to subsidise our Scottish chums so they can get broadband. It's bloomin' brilliant, it is. I hope they come to enjoy the many thrills and funnies that YouTube has to offer, so that they too can become square-eyed herberts with bad posture and no friends. Oh wai--
Posted by cruxx over 10 years ago
They just need the dump the wind up telephones.....just the amazonian indian tribes left the BB now....
Posted by TAMFR over 10 years ago
If u believe that middle-england propaganda, you will believe anything!
Posted by herdwick over 10 years ago
Well TAMFR I can point you to two locations of similar size in a similar predicament in Lincolnshire without even thinking, another in Lancs comes to mind etc etc. Will they get a taxpayer bailout - no. "United" Kingdom my ass.
Posted by stephen_f2s over 10 years ago
herdwick: That's because the English don't like to complain. I bet they haven't rallied to get broadband even half as much as the Scots did. Plus we like to pander to them sometimes, it stops them from plundering Newcastle like they used to. =)
Posted by Dawn_Falcon over 10 years ago
It's also because a wireless soloution should be possible in middle England. Scotland is a little less friendly to reception.
Posted by gm0csz over 10 years ago
Is it really that difficult to run a fibre optic cable from an existing exchange to Throsk with a hub in the village to serve everybody (phone+broadband+radio+TV).
A local Wifi system can then serve every dwelling/office etc
Alternatively, establish a microwave link (provided there is a line of sight path to an existing microwave site
Any of the above should be possible with SCOT-Exec support ,but locals need to be pro-active and lobby via their elected representatives. It all is a matter of adopting a 'get-up-and-go' attitude to life , instead of remaining passive.
Posted by joequinn over 10 years ago
How in your wildest dreams do you figure the English are subsidising the Scots? If it wasn't for Scottish oil and gas England would have been bankrupt a long time ago.
Posted by jimwillsher over 10 years ago
gm0csz: Nope, and that's probably what will happen. It's probably technically very easy. All they need to do is install a new "green cabinet" in Throsk and terminate all the pairs there instead of in Bannockburn, run a fibre to the new green cabinet, then install a mini-DSLAM or similar in the new cabinet. This would give everyone a 2KM or 3KM cable instead of the current >9KM.

With the logic I've listed there not even any need for wireless.

Residents of Throsk *HAVE* been lobbying. That's why they are included in the SE's shortlist of hotspots
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