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Uma Thurman to lead Virgin Media assault via media
Monday 22 January 2007 09:47:07 by Andrew Ferguson

The rebranding that will produce Virgin Media is edging ever closer. The group which will be offering a mix of broadband, telephone, digital TV and mobile phone services by combining Virgin Mobile, ntl and Telewest is due to launch on February 14th. Uma Thurman has been announced as the star in the £20m rebranding campaign.

It will be interesting to see the extent of the Virgin Media campaign, and the reaction it will bring from competitors. There are signs that the group will launch a 20Mbps broadband product during 2007 and possibly a 50Mbps product may start to appear, which will see it competing with the ADSL2+ providers, and if a 50Mbps product is launched beating what is possible with ADSL2+ by a large margin.


Posted by Wads over 10 years ago
If Broadband gets any faster, we'll be getting webpages before we ask for them :-)
Posted by Royf over 10 years ago
Virgin are having problems now with up to 8 meg at peak times and often it is down to 300k ( read virgin forum )so how they expect to get 20 meg + I have no idea. Maybe they are hoping it will speed it up to a 1 meg connection during peak times
Posted by battletux over 10 years ago
If they launch a 50mbps service I hope they improve the upload speed, as it would be stupid to have 50mbps down and 1.3mbps up.
Posted by hoodamanny over 10 years ago
no speed increase is complete, without sorting out your customer service. I left virgin, because their technical support are downright rude...not just impolite.. but RUDE.
Posted by Toots3D over 10 years ago
Let's just face what has become the "norm" nowadays......BIG Buisness.....small customer!!! I am sure that the customer is always right? But, these companies just see pound signs and forget why they have a company in the first place. Bring back the days of consumer rights. HA!!!!
Posted by KevinADSL over 10 years ago
So what are Virgin going to do for their current customers that have remained loyal even though they've had to put up with appaling broadband speeds since October 2006? They may be launching Virgin Media on Valentines' Day but it's hardly been a loving relationship for their customers!I'll give them another month and if nothing improves then I'm off to another ISP that respects their customers.
Posted by kingbiscit over 10 years ago
RoyF this is not Virgin as in the ADSL / Dialup provider its NTL/Telewest who are rebranding. They provide broadband through Cable not a BT PhoneLine and don't have an 8MB package.
Posted by cymru57 over 10 years ago
I have been complaining to for six months about slow speed (176k peektime 1.8m offpeek)they do not seem to follow up complaints. Hope the new Virgin will know the meaning of the word speed.
Posted by kingbiscit over 10 years ago
This isn't! This is ntl/telewest.
Posted by painintheneck over 10 years ago is now fully under the control of NTL after the cableco snapped up the remaining 51 per cent of its joint venture ISP. Financial details were not disclosed.
Posted by kingbiscit over 10 years ago
Never realised NTL had bought, my mistake.

They won't be able to offer faster than 8MB through BT for the time being, I don't think have unbundled any exchanges have they?

I really think NTL/Telewest should concentrate on the cable services they can offer.
Posted by painintheneck over 10 years ago
Re unbundled exchanges: This website is interesting -
Posted by Royf over 10 years ago
It does not matter whether they cal it Virgin or NTL. I have the Virgin brand name for my ISP and they are not doing a very good job of it , maybe they will put some wires in , but if it calls itself Virgin then it has a lot of complaints to sort out if it wants to increase its customer base as many of the Virgin customers have already left the ship and certainly wont be coming back to that named service and many are still leaving. If NTL feel that brand name is best for it then they had better improve the service quickly.
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