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Two way Satellite Broadband on Way to UK
Thursday 05 July 2001 16:56:00 by Andrew Ferguson

Aramiska have just announced that they will be launching a two-way satellite broadband service in first quarter 2002.

Having a two-way link will remove the need to keep a landline open, therefore making it very attractive to people outside the areas covered by current DSL rollout and cable modems.

The service appears to be aimed at SME's at present - which may be an indication of pricing but no price information appears to be available at this time. A trial is intended for this Autumn/Winter.

Speed wise upto 2Mbps is claimed and hardware wise they say that customers will receive a small Outdoor Unit (750mm diameter) and an Indoor Box alongside this (the Aramiska Box) which will hold the email server and provide both smart local and central caching.

Their website has a form to register for further information.


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