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NewNet increases charges
Sunday 31 December 2006 01:33:28 by Sebastien Lahtinen

Newnet ( has announced an increase in ADSL charges which will take effect from the next invoice date as of 1st February 2007 for existing customers and immediately for new customers. The company has been one of the choices for high bandwidth users recently due to its competitive pricing structure.

"NewNet has seen a tremendous growth in the broadband user base over the past 12 months. As the year has progressed more users consumed more bandwidth than ever before. For a while, customers on LITE and Office services were effectively subsidising users on other  services where bandwidth usage has sharply increased. In order to continue offering uncapped and fully open service NewNet are increasing charges on a number of services and also raising the charges for additional over quota bandwidth purchased in advance or in arrears. NewNet LITE and Office services recurring charges remain unchanged."

NewNet Statement

The recurring charges for entry-level product NewNet LITE and Office service which have no excess bandwidth charges remain unchanged.

The "Home S" package cost rises from £18.95/month to £21.95/month whilst the Home B rises from £21.96 to £34.95/month with 25 and 60GB usage included respectively inclusive of VAT. Extra usage is charged at £7 per 10GB when purchased in advance or £3.90 per 3GB in arrears. These prices also assume payment is by direct debit.

Business broadband packages are priced at £30 (Business S), £40 (Business B) and £60 (Business S) excluding VAT.

Several users on our forums have indicated their plans to leave NewNet for another service provider. Whilst a price rise is unfortunate, it should avoid NewNet experiencing the same problems as several providers which are no longer in business.


Posted by tripleb over 10 years ago
A price hike of over 60% for HomeB is totally unacceptable, especially in the arrogant and underhand way they sneaked this in over the Xmas/New Year period. Scores rather than several are planning to leave.
Posted by billyarrow over 10 years ago
Warning - Before you leave - do you get the promised bandwidth? As a Tiscali subscriber on Broadband Max, they indicated I would get about 6.5 Mbps on 8 Mbps service, but in fact the best I've recorded was 3.5 Mbps!
Posted by therioman over 10 years ago
Newnet's approach is extremely poor on this. A rise is fine, but a 59% rise is unacceptable by any stretch of the imagination.
Posted by parsimony over 10 years ago
This hike is way OTT.
The manner and timing of the announcement was appalling, and as an ex Plusnetter, gave me immediate feelings of deja vu.
Perhaps PN are going to have some competition at the bottom of the barrel for customer relations.
Posted by BigE over 10 years ago
As Agent Smith would say:
It is inevitable....
I would just like to say Im glad that newnet has increased the price's on the packages that are their cause for losing money and not just adding to all packages.
Posted by babylon5rk over 10 years ago
Its about time we realised that all ISPs cannot continue to absorb ever higher usage from their subscribers without recovering the cost, and I reckon the cost is enourmous. Up until now they (ISP,s) seem to have been sleepwalking to disaster, probably because they have not really costed their services properly.

Their prices are actually still too cheap if truth be known, we'll see if they manage to make a profit in the next twelve months. If they don't they'll go to the wall just like any other business that does not cover its costs.
Posted by Dawn_Falcon over 10 years ago
Then, Babylon, I'll take a stable unmetered 1MBit connection over a 8MBit one with a cap. If thay means a business service, so be it.

After one incident where an ISP told me I had used 45GB and DUMeter said 15GB (about average for me), I think the term "stuff that" comes to mind.

I want a quality service (and am willing to sacrifice speed for it - my main requirement is gaming), not a cheap one. That's now rare in the current market.
Posted by herdwick over 10 years ago
"I'll take a stable unmetered 1MBit connection over a 8MBit one with a cap" - nothing to do with the speed really, you can exceed the budgetted data volume at ~100 kbits/s average download. 1M connections can't sustain unlimited use any more than fast speeds.
Posted by Dawn_Falcon over 10 years ago
You CAN buy them (business packages). And as I said my usage is ~15GB. I just am not going to get into a pissing match with another ISP who's telling me as the sole user that I used 3 times as much bandwidth as I recorded (historically, as well as that month), and I am thus a "heavy user".
Posted by herdwick over 10 years ago
you can buy them up to the point where the freeloading goons bring the thing to its knees and it gets the same measures applied as history shows are necessary. Anybody piggybacking on your connection via wireless perhaps ? using your details on another connection to the same ISP ?
Posted by Dawn_Falcon over 10 years ago
So using the connection you pay for is now "freeloading", right. History shows bad business descisions, period. You're supporting the price war which is crippling broadband in the UK. We'll end up with the situation in certain parts of America where they have 7.5MBit lines and a 3GB a month cap, no options to increase if you have your way.

And no, I was using an internal PCI card, the BT master socket was in my room and several hundred people were affected. You're reaching.
Posted by Dawn_Falcon over 10 years ago
Again, I will PAY for a stable connection I can use to a reasonable level. If that means 1MBit for what some people are paying for a "moderate"-limit 8MBit, so be it.
Posted by tripleb over 10 years ago
from 21.95 to £36.70 (not £34.95 as mentioned in the top story)
I wonder how many peeps will remain on HomeB
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