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New beginnings...
Friday 01 December 2006 00:02:00 by Sebastien Lahtinen

Back in 2000 when ADSLguide was set up, providing information about broadband service providers was a far simpler task than it is today. Six years ago only four core wholesale ADSL services were widely available and the users were early adopters who were technically proficient.

Today, the entire concept of broadband is different. It is no longer just an 'always on' service but an enabler of modern communications. The average broadband user is no different to the average person walking by in the street who uses applications ranging from e-mail, video blogging and peer-to-peer file sharing with new applications yet to come.

This change in broadband users means that as a provider of information, we have to adapt to the changing requirements of our visitors, and it is for this reason we are pleased to be relaunching our website. Although fundamentally the principles of the site remain the same, our new site is designed to provide users with more personalised information.

As part of this, you will notice our name has changed from ADSLguide to thinkbroadband to take into consideration the changing focus of our site to be more inclusive of non-ADSL broadband technologies.

Be one of the first to register on our new site which allows you to select your options for receiving e-mail reminders about ratings and news, log & graph your speed test results and more.

>>> Register on <<<

The code behind this new website has been totally re-written to be much faster, more flexible and better suited to the increased features we plan to provide. We hope to continue adding these new features over the coming weeks and months but felt that we needed to migrate to the new system sooner rather than later to allow users to take advantages of the new site as soon as possible.

We would like to particularly thank Ian who has been involved since early last year who took on a large project with requirements and specifications that evolve quite quickly and without whom this would not have been possible.


Posted by drteeth over 10 years ago
Whilst you may have a point that 'ADSLguide' does not cover the site's changing focus, I **cannot** believe that 'thinkbroadband' is the best that you could come up with. 3/10 (hey, I'm in a generous mood).
Posted by JohnUK over 10 years ago
Yay I finally registered, let this orange marmalade coloured rounded cornered rebranding hellhole campaign begin! :D

Considering how many other domains are taken now, thinkbroadband probably does well to make people consider broadband as a viable alternative for all sorts of things over 20th century conformities. No not the best domain one could have, but I bet the best of what was available.
Posted by mcbazza over 10 years ago
Give me RSS for the forums, and I'll be happy!
Posted by AJ121 over 10 years ago
Ginger, Carrot Top, Copper Knob.
Posted by pmilford over 10 years ago
Congratulations on the rebrand guys. Rebranding a well-known and respected product is no mean decision - keep up the good work.
Posted by Earthcoder over 10 years ago
much faster site, and speedtest is better
Posted by johnn over 10 years ago
Site seems a lot faster. I like it. Not so sure a change of name was warranted though.
Posted by Aekeron over 10 years ago
Good work on the site design guys :)
Posted by mbarlow over 10 years ago
Great new design of a fab service.
change of name fooled me, email launch would have saved me thinking I had gone to the wrong site!!

Love it!! Keep up the great work.
Posted by finn123 over 10 years ago
Congrats - though I prefer the old name: does what it says on the tin. Site is MUCH faster.

Finn ;-)
Posted by TheCodexNecro over 10 years ago
I prefered the old name ADSLGuide.
Posted by nadger over 10 years ago
Good luck with the new layout and thanks for all the help given to users over the years.
Posted by silron over 10 years ago
Long may the rebrand continue in the good work of ADSL Guide.
New site is much faster.
Like the look of the speedtest results logging tool.
Posted by Derekm over 10 years ago
Not too sure about the new name but hope it is successful.
Posted by PeteK over 10 years ago
As a long standing forum member I was surprised I couldn't use the same login as the forums. The error was email address already in use, but then I realised it was because the email address field was case sensitive, so it wasn't matching it. Just a minor issue, but might be worth addressing.

Good luck with the new luck, and pleased to see the Christmas spirit is in place with a few token parcels on the front page!
Posted by drteeth over 10 years ago
Has 'unauthorised reproduction prohibited' always been present on the forums BTW? Never noticed it before...
Posted by stephen_f2s over 10 years ago
Congratulations guys, it's nice to see you've finished the facelift. I wasn't expecting quite an evolution in terms of the site's scope, but it's nice to see you're moving with the times. Keep it up.
Posted by Vini over 10 years ago
Looking good, a fresh changed, just needs a new forum and it will be tip top!
Posted by jcym over 10 years ago
Well reregisterng was quick and painless but I can't say the the same for the orange colour scheme :). However, the forum speed is excellent so all in all well donee,
Posted by hondawaki over 10 years ago
Good fresh look and is much faster now.One question. Why have you ommited the "contention ratio" from the isp search?. Other than that excellent.
Posted by peeebeee over 10 years ago
Congratulations and keep it up.
Posted by Pod over 10 years ago
Why do usernames have to be longer than three characters? I had to ditch my ADSL Guide username :(

I do not like the colour scheme or the new name or the new speed tester, to rate my ISP you want my name, postcode and telephone no? No thanks.

Apart from that, good luck.
Posted by rahewitt over 10 years ago
Don't like the name change, plus your new site is "Websensed" under the category "clubs and societys" at work, the old one wasn't, so I guess I won't be using it much longer. :-(
Posted by apisto over 10 years ago
Hmm took me by surprise this did. I was clearing out my cache looking to see if it was some sort of style sheet issue
Turns out this is how its supposed to look :)
Loads faster thats a fact Big step.
Getting us al lto register again hmmm could have been avoided
Posted by Bruce over 10 years ago
AG becomes TB. Hmmmm. I guess that's a good thing. :)
Posted by Mapster over 10 years ago
Seb, two login now, one for the forum and one for the main site? Seems a bit odd. Also, you have login issues in Opera, it won't keep me logged in when I naviagate to try and post a comment.

Works fine in IE7 (which is what I'm using to post this).

Good luck with the rebrand, is there no chance of unifying our logins with that of the forum?

Posted by exwab over 10 years ago
yeah same thing I cant log in with my old name 'wab' as its needs to be 4 or more words - bit lost as to why it needed to have to re register - saying that nice site much faster than before
Posted by _TRIaXOR_ over 10 years ago
"to rate my ISP you want my name, postcode and telephone no? No thanks. - Posted by Morlock"

You cant even delete it either afterwards.. hmmm, not nice.

and the 2 logins are a bit daft too couldn't you combine the 2?
Posted by john (Favicon staff member) over 10 years ago
Can users with three letter usernames who want to use them here too send an e-mail to seb, and he'll look at manually setting you up.


John Hunt, - UK Broadband News & Discussion
UK's biggest independent broadband ISP review site
Posted by grahamn over 10 years ago
The comparator not including smaller ISPs is not a postitive move.
Posted by john (Favicon staff member) over 10 years ago
> The comparator not including smaller ISPs is
> not a postitive move.

There is a problem with this at the moment. We are working on fixing it.


John Hunt, - UK Broadband News & Discussion
UK's biggest independent broadband ISP review site
Posted by grahamn over 10 years ago
ermmmm a quote from earlier "No checked that, the ISP listing is there its not on the compare page because of "Only ISPs with sufficient ratings are displayed. "

Andrew Ferguson, - formerly known as
Posted by doc_holiday over 10 years ago
Good move. The orange isn't my favourite, but the rework is well done!
Posted by jchamier over 10 years ago
Speedtester still can't determine bulldog 19mbps speed, says mostly 6mbps, or occasionally 8mbps. The BBMax site ( gives 16mbps consistantly, as does

Also I'm *not* going to give you my postcode or home tel number just to rate my ISP. Er, why do you need that?
Posted by _TRIaXOR_ over 10 years ago
im trying to remove that, aint letting me >:(
Posted by seb (Favicon staff member) over 10 years ago
On the issues of rating ISPs - We've had incidents of ISPs attempting to cheat the system by rating themselves, etc.. If they have to start faking post codes and phone numbers, it will make things more difficult. We'll try and clarify how we will use this data more. In the end you make the decision on whether to give the data or not, and I fully respect anyone's choice not to.
Posted by jchamier over 10 years ago
Thanks, seb, for the clarification. It might be worth putting some words to that effect on the page. I still personally won't give you my details, but others may reconsider.
Posted by cyberdoyle over 10 years ago
great new site, much faster and easier and fewer clicks to get the speed test done.
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