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Broadband connection - a cannot live without
Wednesday 17 May 2006 18:48:00 by John Hunt

A survey of over 1700 people conducted by on behalf of Eclipse Internet has shown how connectivity is more important than privacy to home movers. 92% of people said that in the first month after moving into a new home, they would not be able to live without a broadband connection. This compares to 32% of people who said they couldn't live without curtains, and 8.5% their microwave.

Broadband is now considered part of every day life and hence as one of the utilities alongside power, electricity, water and telephone. The survey shows that for just over 47% of respondents, their Internet connection took the longest amount of time of these utilities to get sorted, with 70% having to wait more than seven days to get it working, and 21% over a month! The delays are most likely due to the combination of having to coordinate the phone line activation before the broadband connection can be ordered on the line.

Eclipse are offering home movers who sign up to their service before June 30th and are moving from July onwards the chance to win a concierge service who will help make moving as stress-free as possible. More information about this offer can be found upon the Eclipse website.


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