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iomart not abandoning consumers.
Wednesday 06 June 2001 16:30:00 by Andrew Ferguson

Contrary to some news articles running around on some esteemed Internet news sites. Cough, cough ZDnet.

iomart have confirmed to us at ADSLguide that they are currently expanding their range of DSL products, e.g. the launch of coppersurf yesterday and are not going to abandon consumers. What is happening is that the money previously spent on trying to sell the service is been concentrated on advertising to SME's - an area which many recent surveys have indicated that potential customers dont understand what ADSL can offer them.

The full range of CopperBurst services are still available starting at £42.50 (+VAT) for the CopperBurst 500 USB service. For more details on their packages see iomarts website

How this equates to abandoning consumer broadband I'm not sure - perhaps people are looking for the broadband UK rollout to stall. Similar stories appearred recently when Openworld announced an new advertising scheme aimed at attracting SME's to their product range.


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