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Is Carphone Warehouse about to do something big?
Monday 27 March 2006 14:36:00 by Andrew Ferguson

Carphone Warehouse and the TalkTalk service are not a name that pops to the front of your mind when you talk about broadband a lot of the time, but if the launch on April 11th is not just hype then there is a chance they may be talked about a lot more. has more details on what might be happening when Charles Dunstone tries to upset the broadband apple cart.

It seems that as well as spending £60 million on a LLU roll-out over a three year period, the company may be on the edge of launching a product bundle, that sees broadband access as a free added extra, or free calls with a broadband subscription. How wide and broad the area covered by Carphone Warehouse in its LLU roll-out is unknown, but one can hazard a good guess that all the usual big cities will see another LLU choice.

If TalkTalk do launch something that looks like a free broadband service, it is possible that it may be something along the lines of a fully Pay As You Go broadband service with no monthly subscription, or is only free if you take a mobile and fixed line subscription from the company. So as with many free offers, the company will get its money back elsewhere.


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