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Namesco to partner with Netgem to provide tvMax packages
Thursday 09 March 2006 17:43:00 by Andrew Ferguson

Namesco has announced a partnership with Netgem to provide a bundle comprising of an up to 8Mbps ADSL connection and the iPlayer Home Media Edition set top box.

tvMax is the new package, and as well including the Netgem box, users are also supplied with a Zyxel USB/Ethernet router. The monthly price of the service starts at £25.95, with more details appearing on once the product launches on 28th April 2006.

While it looks like at the time of the launch there is not going to be much video over broadband content available, the set-top box does include a peer to peer client for distribution of future content, and access to Catch Up TV style services once they launch. So initially the attraction will be that it is a set-top box that allows you to pause and record Freeview programmes, and access MPEG2 and MP3 format material across your home network.


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