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BBC extends Multicast trials
Thursday 23 February 2006 15:27:00 by John Hunt

Following the success of the streaming of the Olympics using multicast over the Internet, the BBC and ITV have decided to offer the standard channels in a further trial. It currently includes BBC1 - 4 and the more popular BBC radio stations as defined here. Access is free to those who have a UK TV license. Note that watching the streams may count towards any download limits your ISP impose.

To gain access, you need to be connected to one of the following ISPs:

  • C & W (but not Bulldog)
  • NetServices Plc
  • PlusNet
  • Zen Internet
  • KeConnect Internet
  • InterVivo

  • The list is limited to those ISPs that have multicast peering with the BBC, which is currently as above. If yours is not listed, contact your ISP and ask them if they plan to offer this service. More information can be found here.


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