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Solwise High Speed Home Plug Adapter reviewed
Friday 16 December 2005 15:22:00 by Andrew Ferguson

Our latest hardware reviews is of the Solwise PL-85PE. This unit is an Ethernet HomePlug adapter, which allows you to use your mains wiring to link different Ethernet based devices.

Other hardware we are reviewing:

  1. Netgear DG834GT 108Mbps Wireless Modem/router
  2. SAR 600E, ADSL 2/2+ Ethernet Bridge/Router
  3. Billion BiPac 7402 ADSL VPN Firewall Router
  4. SAR-600EW ADSL2/2+ Wireless LAN 802.11g 4 Port Ethernet Router
  5. Linksys HG200, wireless ADSL gateway, as sold in Tesco's


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