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BTopenworld Transparent Proxy Server Fault Updated
Monday 21 May 2001 18:21:00 by Andrew Ferguson

The Openworld 0800 helpdesk number is playing a recorded message stating that the Transparent Proxy has a technical fault as of 3:30pm on 21st May

This is after around 2 weeks of users complaining and logging problems about specific websites with Openworld, and follows some reconfiguration of the server by Openworld. The fault exhibits itself in that sites may download slowly or not download at all.

There is a way around the broken server and that is to configure your browser to use a different proxy server, e.g on port 8080


As of 8:40am 22nd May, Openworld claim there is not any reported problems, but on speaking with the helpdesk they confirm the transparent proxy is still an issue when visiting some web sites.


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