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Broadband worldwide - some figures
Wednesday 21 September 2005 10:05:00 by Andrew Ferguson has published figures showing the relative positions of countries around the world in the broadband marketplace. In terms of simple shares of the market place, the EU has the largest slice of the pie at 27%, with the rest of the pie divided up as follows: North America 25%, Asia-Pacific 23%, South and East Asia 19%, Latin America 3%, Other Europe 2% and Middle East/Africa 1%.



Broadband Total Penetration by Population

1 South Korea 25.58
2 Hong Kong 22.94
3 Netherlands 21.9
4 Denmark 21.47
5 Switzerland 20.13
6 Canada 19.19
7 Taiwan 17.81
8 Belgium 17.58
9 Israel 16.47
10 Sweden 16.38
11 Japan 16.18
12 France 13.89
13 UK 13.71
14 USA 13.14
15 Australia 10.62
16 Spain 10.0
Top countries: total broadband penetration of population, Q2 05 30 June 2005
(Countries with over one million broadband connections only)

In terms of the raw number of subscribers the US wins with around 38.2 million subscribers, a great many of these are due to the prevalence of cable modem connections in the US. If you consider just DSL based connections, China is tops at 21,230,000 versus 15,929,322 for the USA and the UK increases to seventh place with 5,691,000 DSL connections.

The data used in the report by was based on a report by Point Topic.


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