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Eclipse to enter the triple play market
Friday 12 August 2005 14:53:00 by Andrew Ferguson

Eclipse is another provider making ground moves in the next few months. Today they have announced a national trial for a platform that will deliver digital TV, telephony and broadband.

The service involves a tie up with Netgem the manufacturers of the iPlayer+ set-top box, and the provision of a 2Mbps broadband connection and low cost telephone calls. The trial will offer FreeView to a TV, and content on demand, plus additional broadband content by combining broadband over a telephone line with the FreeView signal.

No pricing or precise details are available on the trial, except that the live service is due to be launched in 2006. For those not aware of what the iPlayer+ will do take a look at this article on Of course it is possible that the Eclipse trial, may use a unit that is customised to their service, so full capabilities may well vary.


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