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NewNet lops £155 off the price of its symmetric 2Mbps service
Tuesday 02 August 2005 18:30:00 by Andrew Ferguson

Symmetric DSL (SDSL) may not be affordable to the average home user, but for small businesses the option of a 2Mbps symmetric link for just £165 per month will seem very attractive.

NewNet has announced large cuts in the price of its SDSL services. The 0.5Mbps service starts at £132 per month, 1Mbps from £149 and 2Mbps at £165 per month. This works out at a saving of £155 per month on the old 2Mbps pricing.

SDSL does not have the same near total coverage as ADSL services in the UK, but it is vastly improved on a year ago, which is one reason for the constant stream of price announcements.


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