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2Mbps ADSL for just £12.99 per month until end of October 2005
Thursday 14 July 2005 16:55:00 by Andrew Ferguson

The summer heatwave is back again, and it seems the heat has gone to head of some sales staff - Nildram is offering its Broadband 2 product which has an ADSL line speed of up to 2Mbps (speed will vary according to what your line is capable of ) for just £12.99 per month until 31st October 2005. After this time it will revert to the normal price of £25.99.

The Broadband2 product comes with a 50GB fair usage allowance which is only measured during the peak hours of each month. The peak time is defined as between 8am and midnight, outside these hours usage is not monitored. The special offer will require a 6 month minimum contract period, and you most order the service before the end of July 2005 to qualify. Details of the product and offer can be found


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