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Bulldog launch 8Mbps ADSL service
Wednesday 01 June 2005 16:29:00 by Andrew Ferguson

Bulldog was bound to eventually launch an 8Mbps product, and it now has. Rather than offer 4Mbps and 8Mbps services, Bulldog are now simply selling just an 8Mbps service. Existing 4Mbps users will have their service speed upgraded to 8Mbps for free where the line will support a higher speed service. The free regrades are due to start on 15th June 2005.


Calls package

Monthly ADSL fee

Line Rental

Bundled monthly allowance

Start@ctive None £15.50 £10.50 8 hours online
Call@ctive Free local & national calls £27.50 £10.50 8 hours online
Inter@ctive None £29.50 £10.50 Unlimited
Super@ctive Free local & national calls £41.50 £10.50 Unlimited

The Bulldog @ctive services are based around a fully unbundled line, which requires you to take the Bulldog telephone service. The connection charge on all four services is £1. It should be remembered that the speed of service is up to 8Mbps, and is dependent on the quality of the telephone line.


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