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Top 10 Fastest Broadband ISPs for February 2005
Thursday 17 March 2005 06:58:00 by Sebastien Lahtinen

Wanadoo has risen to the top of our speed test chart for tests in February 2005. NDO which was in the top position in January didn't attract a sufficient results to feature in the top ten. Freedom 2 Surf has also jumped back from eighth position to second (equal with Nildram) and PlusNet returns to the top ten in fourth position.






1 Wanadoo UK 448.1 Kbps 235.7 Kbps 1797
2= Freedom 2 Surf PLC 447.8 Kbps 232.8 Kbps 889
2= Nildram 447.8 Kbps 234.8 Kbps 1174
4 PlusNet plc 445.9 Kbps 234.4 Kbps 1205
5 BT Broadband & BT Yahoo! 445.4 Kbps 233.5 Kbps 5751
6 Zen Internet 445.0 Kbps 227.5 Kbps 732
7 PIPEX Internet Limited 444.5 Kbps 232.3 Kbps 3787
8 Eclipse Internet 444.2 Kbps 230.8 Kbps 634
9 440.4 Kbps 233.6 Kbps 1676
10 Demon 439.9 Kbps 233.6 Kbps 1238

The top ten average fell by 2.5 Kbps downstream with the difference in speeds being 8.2 Kbps, about 1.6% (downstream).

We recommend you do not rely on speed test results alone in making a decision on selecting a provider but use the variety of information sources available in making those decisions. Speed test results are increasingly less useful with the variety of packages offered by ISPs to tailor requirements to individual users. Previous months' results can be found here.


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