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Lower SDSL pricing from Mailbox Internet
Monday 14 March 2005 10:44:00 by Andrew Ferguson

The SDSL market, whereby you have the same downstream speeds as upstream speeds is expanding in the UK. Mailbox Internet has just released new pricing for its range of products. Mailbox use several methods of SDSL delivery in an attempt to offer businesses the best deal possible around the UK, for example where LLU services are available they will exploit them.

SDSL package

Contention Ratio

Monthly fee

Symmetric 500 10:1 £170
Symmetric 1000 10:1 £225
Symmetric 2000 10:1 £300
Metro SDSL 256 LLU 5:1 £72
Metro SDSL 500 LLU 5:1 £125
Metro SDSL 1000 LLU 5:1 £169
Metro SDSL 2000 LLU 5:1 £209
Metro SDSL 256 LLU 1:1 £98
Metro SDSL 500 LLU 1:1 £179
Metro SDSL 1000 LLU 1:1 £253
Metro SDSL 2000 LLU 1:1 £328

Details on where the various services are available can be found on the Mailbox website at


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