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Easynet to spend £3 million on LLU
Thursday 24 February 2005 21:48:00 by Andrew Ferguson

Easynet who have a rapidly growing network of LLU exchanges around the UK are set to spend a further £2,000,000 upgrading its local loop infrastructure. Of course it is no good building a network without letting people know about, £1,000,000 is earmarked for marketing and support.

Easynet markets to businesses, and consumers via its UK Online arm. A big move earlier in the year was the launch of LLUStream, which is a wholesale DSL service, that should work out 30-35% cheaper for providers to buy than the equivalent BT Wholesale product. A number of providers are in talks to use this service, Onyx was the first ISP to sign up. Some more details are over on The Register.


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