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NewNet with new pricing for their ADSL services
Tuesday 08 February 2005 18:07:00 by Andrew Ferguson

NewNet has revamped its product ranges and introduced the Home 2000 ADSL packages. Their cheapest product now is the Home 500 Lite service with 5GB of transfers for £15.49 a month, or no limits for £25.95. The 2Mbps service starts at £24.95 with a 15GB limit, £37.95 for a 60GB limit and no restrictions for £39.95. All prices include VAT.

All the products are now monthly contracts, though there is an option to pay annually and save some money. The Lite products are supplied with a single dynamic IP address, their S products with a single static IP, and the full fat products are supplied with up to 8 static IP addresses. On all products the standard activation fee of £58.75 applies. Full details on the NewNet website.


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