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Bulldog launch a pay-as-you-go 4Mbps ADSL product
Friday 04 February 2005 13:05:00 by Andrew Ferguson

Bulldog has introduced a lower price point for its 4Mbps LLU based ADSL services. For just £15.50 (inc VAT) a month, people can have a 4Mbps connection, with 400 online minutes bundled. If you take the Call@active service you pay £21.50, and receive unlimited calls to UK local and national telephone numbers, and pay 2.5p per minute for the broadband. Any time over the inclusive broadband minutes is billed at 2.5 pence per minute.

The two services Start@ctive and Call@ctive are being offered with unlimited online minutes for the first six months of the service, and the first months fee is waived. More details are available on the Bulldog website here.

Selling an ADSL service on a pay per minute basis is unusual in the UK, but can represent an attractive method for people who rarely use the connection, but when they do want fast speeds. The cost for each hour online once the bundled minutes are used up is £1.50, so for people with an ADSL router, it will be important to ensure the router is disconnected, or has its 'disconnect on idle feature turned on'.


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