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Madasafish offers 2Mbps for £17.99
Tuesday 01 February 2005 13:13:00 by Andrew Ferguson

Madasafish and Freenetname who are ISPs both belonging to the Brightview group, have launched a 2Mbps ADSL service that retails for £17.99 (inc VAT). This monthly fee buys you a 2 GigaByte usage allowance, free modem and free connection. More details at

The previous migration offer of 2 months free access still applies to people who migrate onto this product from another ISP. The usage charging is covered in more detail here, basically every GB above your allowance costs £2, with the cost capped at £59.99 in any one month. Do note that this is a cost cap, the connection still will work once the cost cap is reached.


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