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HomeChoice offers free speed upgrades to users
Monday 24 January 2005 15:01:00 by Andrew Ferguson

Video Networks in the guise of HomeChoice are set to double the Internet access speeds offered to its customers from 1st February 2005. The 0.5MBps package rises to 1Mbps, 1Mbps to 2Mbps, and the 2Mbps service to 4Mbps. The HomeChoice service offers people video-on-demand content, and free evening and weekend phone calls.

Full details of the upgrade, can be found in the HomeChoice press release here.

This speed boost along with various offers from other LLU providers, and the cable companies perhaps represent the speeding up of broadband competition in parts of the UK. Lets hope the LLU providers match their marketing campaigns with sustained roll-out programs throughout 2005 and beyond.


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