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BT Retail business users suffer glitch
Saturday 15 January 2005 20:21:00 by Andrew Ferguson

It would seem from reports on our forums and elsewhere that Friday was a go home early day in many businesses as their BT Business Broadband connection failed. It seems around 70,000 business connections suffered a failure. The fault appears to have been a problem in the Bletchley area of the network, possibly a number of gateways linking the Retail part of the BT network to the wholesale network. BT Retail has around 1.28 million customers, though most of these will be residential users who were unaffected by the outage.

We believe that by close of business on Friday most businesses were back online. Situations like this do reflect the need to keep a reasonable backup option, be it replacement ADSL hardware so you can get back online quickly if a router breaks, through to an alternate net connection.


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