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Broadband for under £3 in Germany.
Sunday 02 January 2005 15:18:00 by Sebastien Lahtinen

TheRegister reports that T-Online, the largest ISP in Germany, has launched a low cost DSL service under its congster brand. The service costs €3.99 per month, some £2.83. The service includes 2GB of monthly usage on a three month minimum contract. After this limit, further traffic is charged at €0.0139 per megabyte which is about one pence, amounting to about £10 per gigabyte.

Whilst this is clearly a very good headline price, the excess charges are clearly ridiculous so the benefit of this is very limited, although users have other packages to choose from including an £18.43/month 1Mbps unlimited service.

For more information, visit TheRegister [seb]

Update 03/01/05 14:33 [seb]: It seems that the above doesn't include the base subscription for the DSL Service. The rival service Freenet seems to explain this better by showing it on one screen instead. Freenet charge €15.90 although they include 1GB in this on a 1Mbps service.


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