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PlusNet release new SDSL pricing
Friday 19 November 2004 10:33:00 by Andrew Ferguson

PlusNet is one of the latest ISPs to announce changes to its SDSL pricing, and to also pass on the half price BT Wholesale activation offer running currently. This means that PlusNets SDSL products are available with a £250 setup fee currently.

SDSL manages the much higher upstream compared to ADSL, by not actually running a PSTN voice service on the line, which frees up some of the frequency spectrum for the DSL signal. The lower levels of contention offered by SDSL also account for a lot of the higher monthly fees, but this should ensure a more consistent QoS for business use.


Monthly fee

SDSL 250 £175
SDSL 512 £225
SDSL 1000 £275
SDSL 2000 £325


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