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More SDSL exchanges
Monday 08 November 2004 09:14:00 by Andrew Ferguson

With the latest announcement of six more RFS dates for exchanges getting SDSL, BT should have 224 exchanges offering SDSL by the end of November 2004. spotted the announcement.

The exchanges Cricklewood, Edinburgh Donaldson, Feltham, Southend, Stafford and Staines are all expected to be ready to offer SDSL by the 30th November 2004. 76 other exchanges should also be getting SDSL by the end of March 2005.

The BT roll-out of SDSL is very much lead by the demand fed back to BT Wholesale from the service providers, so if your business would like SDSL you are advised to badger your service provider, and show BT which areas of the UK the interest lies in.


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