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UK Online - launch their 1Mbps service
Wednesday 03 November 2004 16:50:00 by Andrew Ferguson

Another entrant to the 1Mbps arena has appeared in the guise of UK Online. Their Broadband 1000 service is priced at £34.99 per month (inc VAT), with its free activation and free USB ADSL modem it is likely to prove popular. A Wireless ADSL modem/router is available as an option for a fee of £69.99.

The service is supplied with no bandwidth capping, and free spam filters on the email accounts. The support desk is open 24/7, and is charged on the 0845 tariff (local rate).

Correction: The broadband support number if local rate based, rather than 25p per minute. The premium support is actually for the Pay As You Surf customers.


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