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iBurst - the next provider to burst into the UK
Wednesday 27 October 2004 08:58:00 by Andrew Ferguson

The Register has details on another new entrant into the UK broadband market, ArrayComm. Interestingly it is another wireless provider. The new service is under trial in the Malvern, Belfast, Edinburgh and Oxford areas using six base stations.

The big claim is that this new service is 400 times cheaper to run than 3G networks. The UK is set for a crowded wireless broadband market, with improving 3G coverage, PCCW, WiMAX for example from BT and the profusion of Wi-Fi hotspots. The biggest problem for wireless is that there is no single nation identity, the likelihood is that just like the cable industry we will see a merging of the smaller entities to form a couple of large companies eventually.


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