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BT Retail moves toward a router as standard kit
Thursday 14 October 2004 12:58:00 by Andrew Ferguson

BT Retail has made the major decision to move away from supplying a USB ADSL modem as standard with most of its products. BT will now be supplying the BT Voyager 205 ADSL modem/router as standard kit, on all its products except BT Broadband Basic, where the Voyager 105 USB modem is supplied.

The Voyager 205 is a basic modem/router with a USB port and single Ethernet port. This allows people to easily attach two devices, e.g. a PC and an X-Box. Plus the Ethernet port makes it easy to expand at a later date to support more computers by adding a wireless access point, or an Ethernet switch. The routers are destined to be shipped already configured for UK ADSL connections. In common with most routers, the unit will have a web interface, so if people need to configure the firewall or router to let some applications run it should be relatively easy.

This is a major move by BT Retail, and one some people say should have happened a long time ago. Shipping hardware that provides the extra layer of security by blocking unsolicited traffic (the basic NAT router functionality) will automatically protect people from a lot of vulnerabilities. Also by BT issuing a single standard piece of kit, it may actually make the help desks life easier.


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