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Hardware price cuts at UK Online
Monday 11 October 2004 16:20:00 by Andrew Ferguson

UK Online have announced a price cut on its Wireless ADSL modem/router option, the price has dropped from £89.99 to £69.99. The unit on offer is the ActionTec GT704WG DSL Gateway with 4 port router. The GT704WG includes a built in ADSL modem with router, and supports 802.11b/802.11g wireless devices.

The router is available at £69.99 when purchased with a subscription to the UK Online ADSL service, which is a 0.5Mbps service for £24.99 per month, with free activation (prices include VAT).

Slowly we are seeing more providers in the UK selling a variety of hardware, often the advantage of buying the hardware with the connection is that the ISP will then support it to some degree.


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