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So you want a routed network?
Friday 02 March 2001 04:06:00 by Sebastien Lahtinen

Many ADSL users on the USB-service have been trying to find a compatible ADSL router in the UK (without much luck). We are now pleased to report that SEG Communications are supplying the ZyXEL Prestige 642R ADSL router. The price of £399+vat is a little steep and we're hoping this will come down in the not too distant future. Most ADSL based products supporting PPPoA should be compatible on a BT USB ADSL line, and it is thought that this is no exception.

Replacing equipment supplied by BT is against Terms & Conditions as specified by the BTIgnite T&C's to ISPs, but your ISP might not necessarily pass that on to you (placing them liable). It is unknown as to whether BT can tell if the equipment has been replaced, so a word of warning is advised if you intend to do so. We [ADSLguide] can, of course, hold no responsibility, and recommend that you do not replace equipment, if it places you in breach of law.

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