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More use broadband than unmetered dial-up
Sunday 19 September 2004 16:35:00 by Andrew Ferguson

The UK is continuing to fall in love with broadband in its many guises, with 31% of connections defined as always-on as opposed to 29% of connections using unmetered dial-up. The data was collated by the Office of National Statistics and is available as a PDF document (here).

While broadband is growing rapidly, always-on connections still represent just 31% of the UK Internet connections. So still plenty of work to be done to encourage more people to purchase broadband connections. The current round of ever cheaper ADSL connections is likely to attract more people across from dial-up, though people switching to 0.15Mbps and 0.25Mbps connections may miss out on some of the benefits of broadband like good quality streaming media.

The move by BT Wholesale to remove the limits on the 0.5Mbps ADSL service should make ADSL available to around 1 million more households. Though contrary to some press reports e.g. BBC, while the limits have been removed there is no guarantee of service. BT will enable the line, but whether it will work depends on each specific line. Our forums have shown the elation of those who have ADSL after years of waiting, and the pain of those who despite the efforts of local BT engineers have not been able to get a stable working service.


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