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Providers queue up for slice of ADSL gold rush
Wednesday 18 August 2004 16:40:00 by Andrew Ferguson

A number of providers have already announced that they are to take advance orders from people looking to take advantage of BT Wholesales new limits for the 0.5Mbps and 1Mbps services.

Providers taking advance orders

Eclipse Zen
NDO PlusNet
freedom2surf Entanet
Exa Networks BT Retail
Andrews & Arnold Talk-101
Nildram DataComms Europe

Note 23rd August 2004: If contacting an ISP on the list, please be aware that most are taking advance orders/registration over the phone. This is because the online checkers/order systems will generally not be ready until 6th September 2004.

For those customers who are currently out of limits for a 0.5Mbps service, it is worth clarifying the possible engineer visit aspect of the long reach service. If an engineer needs to visit there will be no charge for the visit, or for the fitting of a new faceplate. This will also include the provision of upto 30m of CAT5 cable so that the ADSL modem can be situated in a suitable location. The engineer will also check the state of the customers extension wiring, and if this is at fault, they will offer to rectify the problem for a fee, or disconnect it so that you can have functioning ADSL. The engineers will also look at possibly swapping your line to a shorter or better cable so you can receive a service, though this will not always be possible.

The new faceplate that engineers will fit, is the same one as fitted to engineer assisted installs since 2000, one can be seen in the centre of the picture here. This faceplate has a built in filter, which removes the ADSL signal from the houses extension wiring. who supply a retail version of this faceplate have lots more detail on the unit here for those seeking more information.


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