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Pipex acquires Nildram
Monday 09 August 2004 09:04:00 by Andrew Ferguson

In a move that adds 35,000 customers to Pipex Communications plc, Pipex have acquired AccentUK Limited, whose trading name is the more familiar Nildram. The acquisition involved a consideration of £12.9 million in cash. Currently details are only available on the London Stock Exchange, here.

This consolidation will offer further cost savings to Pipex due to its scale. At this time it is not clear whether Nildram will continue to trade as a division of Pipex or whether the two will totally merge operations.

Certainly we would expect a sharing of resources. This news is perhaps an indication of the fears of a lot of the medium and smaller sized providers, who are seeing themselves squeezed out of the retail and SME market for ADSL. Many of the recent price changes with regards to new pricing models by BT Wholesale do favour ISPs with large numbers of users.


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