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Top 10 Fastest Broadband ISPs for July 2004
Tuesday 03 August 2004 06:54:00 by Sebastien Lahtinen

Eclipse has yet again made it to the top position in the top ten speed test results for July 2004, although the average speed has dropped by 2.0 Kbps to 454.4 Kbps. downstream and 2.5 Kbps upstream. Zen follows in very close second now only 0.9 Kbps behind Eclipse (and ahead Eclipse on upstream speed) at 453.5 Kbps having visited seventh position last month temporarily. Overall, we have seen no changes in the composition of the top ten although Nildram fell from fourth to ninth position by dropping 3.4Kbps to 448.3 Kbps.






1 Eclipse Internet 454.4 Kbps 236.0 Kbps 1584
2 Zen Internet 453.5 Kbps 236.6 Kbps 1493
3 453.3 Kbps 235.1 Kbps 1163
4 Supanet 452.6 Kbps 237.0 Kbps 640
5 Freedom 2 Surf PLC 450.7 Kbps 235.2 Kbps 955
6 PIPEX 449.7 Kbps 234.3 Kbps 3522
7 PlusNet 449.3 Kbps 234.2 Kbps 1507
8 Wanadoo UK 449.0 Kbps 236.7 Kbps 2970
9 448.3 Kbps 234.3 Kbps 1551
10 BT Broadband & BT Yahoo! 444.3 Kbps 231.7 Kbps 6864

The gap between the top and bottom of the top ten is closing from 12.7 Kbps to 10.1 Kbps downstream with a positive change upstream as well. The top ten average increased slightly to 450.5 Kbps although upstream was more or less the same.

As always, please don't use only speed test results when choosing your provider, but make your selection using a variety of information available from multiple sources.

Previous months' results can be found here [seb]


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