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OneTel packages with triple the fun
Wednesday 21 July 2004 11:07:00 by Andrew Ferguson

OneTel has merged three different sets of products into one, their basic ADSL broadband package (£23.99) is now available with bundles that offer cost savings on your fixed line calls and mobile phone calls.

'Broadband + TotalUKTalk' is available for £29.99 a month, which offers unmetered 0.5Mbps ADSL, free calls to UK landlines, and calls to mobiles from 2.1p a minute. 'Broadband + TotalUKTalk + One.Plan60+ and phone' at £39.99 a month includes the same calls package but with the addition of a free mobile phone and 60 inclusive call minutes. The ASDL connection is offered with a free USB ADSL modem, and free activation.

Currently if you take one of these bundles you would still need to pay BT your standard monthly line rental for the fixed voice line, but once the Wholesale Line Rental trial is over even that should change.

Bundles like this highlight how relatively poor price wise some of the Voice over IP offerings in the UK have been. VoIP is some way off from becoming a massed market product, perhaps its greatest appeal at present for home users is the option it provides for a second phone line.


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