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Telewest Broadband launches console gaming pack deal
Friday 16 July 2004 19:27:00 by Andrew Ferguson

In a move to encourage X-Box and PS2 users to use the Telewest blueyonder broadband service, they have launched two bundles including all you need to get your existing console online with their cable broadband service. Full details are on the Telewest site at here.

The packs cost £30, which includes free installation of blueyonder broadband service, free cable modem, blueyonder dual connector and second IP address. The X-Box pack additionally includes 12 month subscription to X-Box live with headset, and Project Gotham Racing 2. The PS2 pack has a PS2 network adapter, and Hardware Online Arena game.

Obviously you need to pay the standard monthly subscription for the broadband service, e.g. the 750kbps is £25/month (£27.99 if no other Telewest service is taken). Subscribers to the 750kbps service will pay an extra £5 a month if they have the gaming pack, but users on the 1.5Mbps and 3Mbps services do not need to pay the extra fee. The savings including the free activation, are £115 for X-Box users, and £97 for PS2 users.


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