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Meat and two broadband providers
Friday 18 June 2004 18:01:00 by Andrew Ferguson

Waitrose has recently added ADSL broadband to its range of Internet access products, full details on their website here. The service is priced at £27.99 per month including VAT for a 0.5Mbps connection, but this is offset by free connection and the offer of an ADSL modem for £12.50.

Interestingly we have heard rumours that Tesco may be about to launch its own ADSL product. Details are sketchy but a monthly fee of around £20 and free activation is expected, and if details are correct even a free SpeedTouch 330 USB ADSL modem. Hopefully we will find out more in the next four to six weeks. If the prices are correct then it will be quite an attractive offer, there appears at present to be no bandwidth limits though a fair use policy will be in place.


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