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Freeserve & AOL to sue BT Ignite?
Thursday 08 February 2001 11:04:00 by carl

An article at the register indicates that ISP's are now loosing patience with BT Ignite's slow rollout of ADSL.
Freeserve appear to be allocated only 13 installs per day nationally and AOL are getting 20.
The companies are unhappy that BT Openworld appear to be getting more than their fair share of installation slots (the article quotes between 300 and 500 per week).

We are also concerned about the amount of BT's staff referring customers to BT Openworld when they ask about ADSL. We feel a lot of customers wont be aware of any other ISP and should be directed to a list of current ISP's offering ADSL. BT Iginte are also guilty of this - we've been pointed to BT Openworld on numerous occasions when we shouldn't have.

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