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BT Broadband Basic product in another summer promotion
Wednesday 19 May 2004 21:02:00 by Andrew Ferguson

BT Retail has decided to get the summer off to a good start, by offering its BT Broadband Basic product with free activation and a free Voyager 105 USB modem. This offer will run during the period 20th May through to 20th July 2004. This means a saving of £80 over the usual price, meaning users just pay £19.99 a month. This promotion is addition to the free flights offer that is already running.

The BT Broadband Basic product has a 1GB per month bandwidth allowance. Though in BT's own words there is a honeymoon period in regards to this until the summer, four weeks notice will be given before the charging starts. The pricing after then will be: downloading more than 1GB per month will cost £4 extra, more than 3 GB per month will cost £8 extra and exceeding 6GB per month will cost you £12 extra.

The interesting thing, is that there are other providers offering just as capable a service for the same monthly fee, but with no bandwidth limits. Though many are charging the activation fee, so for dial-up users who are not likely to be using their broadband a lot, this new BT offer may provide broadband fun and convenience for just a couple of pounds a month more. Though do watch out for the support line costs which are charged at 50 pence per minute.


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