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THUS launches a 1Gbps Internet over Ethernet service
Thursday 15 April 2004 19:15:00 by Andrew Ferguson

THUS today expanded its product range by launching an unmetered permanent Internet Access over Ethernet product. The product will offer businesses speeds of between 10Mbps and 1Gbps, delivered over the THUS UK wide MPLS network. The product itself is designed for large businesses who require much more cost effective and fast Internet access.

The pricing will obviously depend on the exact speeds ordered, and package, but the new service should offer a 50% price reduction compared to a similar speed package formed from multiple 2Mbps leased line circuits.

This product will not appeal to the average home user, but with companies using VPN's more and more, the need for centrally based higher bandwidth connections is growing. The product may also be something to consider for larger community based broadband projects.


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