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Freeserve offer first three months of 0.5Mbps service at £15.99
Friday 30 January 2004 14:12:00 by Andrew Ferguson

Freeserve will on 3rd February 2004, be offering the first three months of its 0.5Mbps ADSL broadband service for just £15.99 per month, returning to the standard £27.99 (inc VAT) per month after that. This offer also includes free activation and a free USB ADSL modem.

The offer is priced to tempt people across from the dial-up platforms, and certainly does provide a cheap entry into the broadband arena for users. The basic 0.5Mbps speed service will also allow users to experience the majority of broadband video content that runs at 300kbps, which the slower 256kbps and 150kbps service users miss out on.

For more details visit or telephone 0800 781 9000.


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