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BT to run long reach technical evaluation in Milton Keynes
Friday 12 December 2003 17:15:00 by Andrew Ferguson

The Broadband4MiltonKeynes website has some details on a Long Reach Technical Evaluation project that BT are to run in Milton Keynes. Apparently two different long reach technologies will be looked at, starting in mid January 2004.

The evaluation is due to result in some BT hardware (modem and computer) being installed at 20 houses in the Bradwell Abbey exchange area of Milton Keynes. After two weeks the modem will swapped for a different one. The system will not provide any form of Internet access, it is purely there so BT can evaluate how technically viable a long reach service would be.

The twenty places on the trial are most likely all gone now, as BB4MK submitted a list of 78 volunteers on 1st December 2003.


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