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BT Wholesale announces New Year offers
Friday 12 December 2003 16:32:00 by Andrew Ferguson

BT Wholesale has started the New Year sales early with its news of half price activation on its BT Datastream products. This offer covers BT DataStream Office 500/1000/2000 products and is a drop from £50+VAT to £25+VAT. The offer will run from 12th January 2004 until 30th April 2004. In the past some ISPs have used offers like this to do free activation, but in the main most providers simply pass the savings on.

In an effort to further stimulate demand for the faster 1Mbps and 2Mbps connections, BT is also reducing the regrade fee for many products from £35+VAT to £25+VAT for the period from 12th January to 30th April 2004. Also at long last BT has announced the end of the two-step regrade process for users wanting to go from BT IPStream 500 to BT IPStream Home 1000, from 12th January 2004, this will incur just the one regrade fee. BT IPStream 500 is the old 0.5Mbps engineer installed service, where a BT engineer fitted the ADSL faceplate and let an ADSL USB modem to use on the connection.

The products included in the regrade offer are:

  • BT IPStream Home 500 to BT IPStream Home 1000
  • BT IPStream Office 500 to BT IPStream Office 1000
  • BT IPStream Office 500 to BT IPStream Office 2000
  • BT IPStream Office 1000 to BT IPStream Office 2000
  • BT IPStream 500 to BT IPStream Home 1000
  • BT IPStream S 500 to BT IPStream S 1000
  • BT IPStream S 500 to BT IPStream S 2000
  • BT IPStream S 1000 to BT IPStream S 2000
This special offer supports our service provider customers who are delivering broadband via either BT IPStream or BT DataStream products. Cuts in connection charges will help stimulate the emerging DataStream based products, not included in last years offer, and the offer on IPStream speed upgrades will help move more end users to higher value, higher speed broadband options. We have seen a strong growth in higher speed services since the launch of our 1Mbit/s consumer product. It’s just a month since we launched BT IPStream Home 1000 and with some significant service providers about to bring their 1Mbit/s consumer offerings to market, we've already had orders for more than 16,000 1Mbit/s connections. This offer will help to maintain the momentum of that strong early growth."

Bruce Stanford, BT Wholesale Products Director


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