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Oftel publishes September 2003 Internet Brief
Monday 13 October 2003 10:40:00 by Andrew Ferguson

Oftel the UK Telecoms regulator has published its regular Internet Briefing for September 2003, a copy can be downloaded from here.

The document pulls no big punches but acts as a useful summary for what is happening in terms of numbers in the UK Internet market, for example the number of UK Homes with broadband has doubled within the last 12 months.

Total broadband take-up as of September 2003

over 2,628,100

BT Wholesale 1,370,000
Kingston 10,000
Total: 1,380,000
Cable modem
NTL 862,000
Telewest 370,000
Total: 1,232,000
Fixed Wireless Access Over 2,500
Satellite Over 6,000
LLU 7,600
Number of new connections a week 35,000
% all UK households with broadband 9%
% UK Internet homes using broadband 18%


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