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Another supplier of ADSL Master Socket Adaptors appears
Tuesday 07 October 2003 00:31:00 by Andrew Ferguson

The standard BT master socket faceplate, until now has just been available from Clarity, but they have now gained some competition in the form of ADSLNation who are selling the face plates for £14.09.

Another supplier of an ADSL master socket faceplate is Solwise who sell their version of the socket for £11.99.

All these faceplates are designed to replace the lower half of a standard BT NTE5 master socket box, doing this means you can very neatly filter all your extensions without the need for messy microfilters. Clarity also stock a customised faceplate, that will filter all your extensions, and allow you to run a hardwired extension for your ADSL.


Posted by leaky5 over 10 years ago
The Solwise faceplate will also allow hardwired extensions from the rear of the unit
Posted by leaky5 over 10 years ago
Sorry, should have said, hard wired adsl connections from rear of unit
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