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Video Networks Ltd in Alcatel DSLAM deal
Monday 15 September 2003 21:31:00 by Andrew Ferguson

Video Networks Ltd (VNL) the people behind the Video-on-Demand (VoD) service HomeChoice announced last week a deal worth over €15,000,000 to use the Alcatel 7301 DSLAM platform.

HomeChoice has been very quiet on the UK front for a few months, but this deal appears to signal a move into the LLU arena, with a target of 1 million homes covered in London, starting in the 2nd quarter of 2004. No precise information on which parts of London are to be involved, or what the plans are for further roll-out to the other UK cities. Certainly if this service takes off, it represents a large leap in the way DSL is used in the UK.

The Alcatel 7301 platform, is a next generation system, and would appear to offer options valuable to a VoD service, i.e. the ability to feed a broadcast signal into the DSLAM, rather than having to stream each individuals customers bandwidth all the way back to the video servers. Roger Lynch, the Chairman and CEO of Video Networks Ltd says "We believe the multimedia capabilities and high capacity infrastructure of the Alcatel 7301 ASAM provide the best infrastructure for rolling out new higher bandwidth services, such as broadcast TV, broadband Internet and video on demand services over DSL."

Lets hope that this news will make 2004, a very interesting year, and that other network providers will take up the challenge, to use the technology that is there to enable people to do what they want to do. Certainly all the DSLAM manufacturers are pushing their next generation systems, that do allow the convergence of broadcast and video on demand, which when combined with the interactive possibilities of a simultaneous Internet connection is potentially very disruptive to the existing broadcast industry.


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