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Results from latest ADSLGuide poll
Wednesday 20 August 2003 20:17:00 by Andrew Ferguson

The recent poll to determine the main reason people have/want broadband has closed and the results are shown below. Results from previous polls can be viewed here.

What is the main reason you have/want broadband?


Fast file downloads

 1,397 (35.5%)

Fast web browsing

 741 (18.8%)

Online gaming

 723 (18.4%)

"Always on"

 689 (17.5%)

Share connection between users

 161 (4.1%)

Free up second line

 150 (3.8%)


 75 (1.9%)

A total of 3,936 votes have been recorded.

Perhaps no great surprises on the results. One interesting aspect was that as people could only vote for one item, it proved to be hard work deciding upon one single option. This outlines how pervasive broadband is once you are used to it. People looking for fast file downloads appear to be the outright winners, and we may in the future look closer at this to determine the most popular type of file download.


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